Thursday, November 17, 2005


The Associated Press reports that the vice president was not Bob Woodward's source, as we suspected. From the latest dispatch:
Vice President Dick Cheney is not the unidentified source who told Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward about the CIA status of the wife of Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson, a person familiar with the investigation said Thursday.

Woodward did not talk with the vice president that day, did not provide the information that's been reported in Woodward's notes and has not had any conversations over the past several weeks about any release for allowing Woodward to testify, said the person, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Cheney isn't Deep Throat II, according to this new Deep Throat (DT 3?). But David Shuster reported on "Hardball" Thursday eve that all other "senior administration sources" denied being Woodward's secret source -- all, that is, save for Cheney, who "wouldn't comment on the ongoing criminal investigation blah blah blah." The veep didn't actually say "blah blah blah," but his dull snarl evokes the same feelings of boredom and terror.

Ari Fleischer, perhaps? Or -- horror of horrors -- could President Bush be the source? We know Woodward's been tight with the guy; the reporter's books prove it. It would dovetail with Woodward's claim that the source tossed off the info with a casual air. And yes, we know we've used "tossed off," "dick" and "wood" in this posting. Who said Traitorgate wasn't sexy?


Anonymous said...

You know very well the president wasn't the source, Ron.
What did the President know, and when did he know it?
Everyone knows that the answer in this case is a consistant "nothing" and "never."

busplunge said...

I very well remember watergate and it's aftermath. I respected Woodward and Berstein as journalist. I bought Woodward's book on Bush and Irag.
Then, I saw him a couple of months ago on the Daily Show.
something wasn't quite right.

Then, on the outing of Deep Throat, I respected the man's principles on not naming his source.

But now, I think maybe he's went off the deep end.

Liberals in their twenties turn into conservatives in their sixties?

nhoopp I always say!

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder if the Dickster will remain standing, even after Woodward whips words on Fitzgerald. Let's just hope the probe doesn't peter out....