Friday, August 19, 2005


The vice president moseyed into Springfield on Thursday to speak to a convention of Purple Heart recipients. He spoke for 21 minutes, invoking Sept. 11, 2001, at least a half-dozen times.

Much to the surprise (and disappointment) of some convention attendees, Cheney did not speak about veterans benefits. The former Vietnam War dodger (five deferments in the 1960s) clearly had other priorities.

The written coverage of Cheney's visit in today's News-Leader is pretty flat and gives us the impression that inside the convention, nary a dissenting voice was heard.

We much prefer the coverage of KYTV's Dave Catanese. He actually bothered to correct false impressions; when one veteran mentioned Sept. 11, Catanese got him to acknowledge that Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks in New York and Washington.

All in all, a much better retelling of what happened. Ditto for the report on KSMU, the public-radio station. Both answered questions, questioned authority.

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