Thursday, August 11, 2005


State Sen. Gary Nodler of Joplin is causing an uproar because he says a group of developmentally disabled adults ruined his movie-going experience. He said a caregiver for the disabled adults was rude, and he's demanding an apology.

Turns out Nodler got all pissy over a comped flick. A freebie. A perk.

That's right: Nodler didn't even have to pay to get in to see "Fantastic Four" -- yet he still flew into a fury when the disabled adults got too loud for his liking.

Richard Sechrist, manager of the Northstar 14, told CHATTER that Nodler's name is on the free-pass list for July 22, the day of his outburst.

"He did (use it), yeah," Sechrist said late Thursday. The manager added that Nodler has been going to Northstar 14 for several years, "and he always uses his pass. I know, because I check the logs."

State lawmakers have been getting free-movie passes for more than a decade in Missouri, according to the United Motion Picture Association.

Gary Nodler complained about something that he was getting for free.


Anonymous said...

What a dick.

Anonymous said...

I think we need a website/blog of self-important assholes, so that we can all celebrate their assholitry en masse. We can start the Missouri section with Nadler and Blount. As for my friends here in Washington, we'd probably need to give them their own page. Sigh.