Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Try to run, try to hide. You can't.

If Mr. Mojo Risin was still alive, would he sell out to Cadillac? To Apple Computer?

He would have had the chance.

Think Secret -- a web site devoted to insider Apple gossip -- has the skinny on Doormongering:
Court documents obtained from the recent lawsuit against former Doors members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek, who had wanted to call their new band The Doors 21st Century, reveal that at one point Apple had offered $4 million for an unnamed Doors song for use in a commercial, while Cadillac had offered $15 million to use the song Break On Through.

Krieger and Manzarek were sued by former Doors drummer John Densmore and the estate of Jim Morrisson more than two years ago for the new band name. During the trial's proceedings, which ended with a ruling against Kriger and Manzarek on May 9, 2005, it came to light that at one point in recent history Krieger and Densmore had wanted to accept the money Apple and Cadillac had offered but were rebuffed by Manzarek and Morisson's estate. A long-standing agreement between members of the Doors had stipulated that the band could only accept such offers if every member was in agreement.
People certainly are strange.

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