Monday, September 19, 2005


A New Jersey gym teacher is busted for allegedly having sex with students.

Traci J. Tapp is 28. She was arrested last week and is free on bond after being charged with sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact and official misconduct.

Cops say Tapp fondled one student in 2001; had sex with another student "at her direction" in June 2001; and then "invited another 16-year-old male student to her home in 2003 and they engaged in multiple acts of sexual intercourse during one night."

The Hammonton News reports that this case has been simmering for months; the school board suspended Tapp in March, when allegations first surfaced.

No, we don't have any pictures. Yes, we do practice a double standard when the teacher is a woman and the students are teenage boys.

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