Monday, October 10, 2005


WTHR in Indianapolis sure knows how to bury a lede:
For towns hoping to cash in on tourists, the goal is to set themselves apart from the competition. Bloomington is looking for a "niche" in the travel industry.

It is launching a new campaign to promote itself as a destination for a specific type of visitor.

Indiana University, rolling hills, and downtown charm. There are plenty of reasons to visit Bloomington.

But it's what you "can't" see that's given tourism insiders an idea to bring more travelers to southern Indiana.

"If we have such a heavy population that's enjoying living here, why not target that group to come visit here?" said Rob DeCleene of Bloomington's Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Bloomington prides itself on welcoming diversity.

Now the Convention and Visitor's Bureau is one of the first in the country to target the gay and lesbian traveler. "They tend to travel more," DeCleene explained. "They have more of a discretionary income."
The story cites "gay-friendly" attractions like the Kinsey Institute and says Bloomington has the "fifth-largest population per capita of same-sex couples."

Bloomington, however, is still not as gay as Springfield.

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