Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Gov. Matt Blunt had quite the Monday, according to our spies. Someone walking into the Glo Dry Cleaning on South National Avenue, near Cherry Street, would have caught the diminutive Missouri governor sorting the family dry cleaning on the floor of said establishment, while his trusty driver waited outside.

The governor of the great state of Missouri. Sorting dry cleaning. On the floor.

Pardon us, but doesn't the governor have, you know, work to do on a Monday?


Anonymous said...

"It's good to be the King."
-- Mel Brooks

Anonymous said...

Come on folks. When Jimmy Carter fixed his own breakfast in the White House, you libs thought that cute and 'refreshing'. At least this Governor takes his own clothes to the dry cleaners. I don't think Bob Holden owned anything worthy of dry cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Diminutive? He was in front of me in the check-out line at Pricecutter's a few weekends ago buying diapers. I'm 6 feet tall, he seemed to be about my height.

Anonymous said...

It appears the point to the blog entry is this: Missouri has a governor who spends half his time not in Jefferson City, the seat of the state government, but rather in Springfield, with his family.

The unanswered question: what is more important to the governor? If it is not the affairs of state, then he shouldn't be governor. He knew when he took the job it required a strong prescence in Jeff City. If he didn't like that, he shouldn't have the job. It goes with the territory.

It always amazes me when I encounter people who chose to live in say, Shell Knob and choose to work in Lebanon, moan and groan about the commute. Didn't you know that when you took the job?

I am dissappointed in the governor. As a father, I appreciate the dedication to his family, but as a taxpayer and citizen of Missouri, I didn't vote for him on his qualifications to be a father, but on his ability to govern the state in an effective and prudent manner. Neither of which is happening.

Anonymous said...

A few years back, I got off work after working all night at a local radio station. It was Sunday morning and I stopped at the Quick Trip at Glenstone and Division in Springfield.

It was in November and very cold. I noticed someone or some thing was behind the large stack of Mountain Dew in front of the store. It was then Secretary of State Matt Blunt, sitting behind the boxes of Mountain Dew in BICYCLE SHORTS in cold weather, sorting through his Sunday News Looser. He gave me a dirty look. He must like to sort through stuff while sitting on the floor.

BTW, Ron, you need to invest in some sort of software to block comments from Freepers, Republicans and other human trash.