Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We told you Longwang would be a killer. Now it's confirmed. From The Associated Press:
Raging floodwaters spawned by a typhoon along China's coast swept away 59 soldiers and washed away two buildings at a military training school, state media reported Tuesday.

At least 15 people were killed after the typhoon slammed into China's southeast coast late Sunday night, the provincial emergency operations said. At its height, the storm had winds of 74 mph, but it was downgraded Monday afternoon to a tropical storm.

The typhoon also killed at least one person on Taiwan.

The 59 soldiers, members of the China's paramilitary armed police in charge of domestic security, were in a training school barracks in Fujian province when the violent floods hit Monday night, state media said. Two buildings at the school were washed away, the reports said.
That was one strong Longwang.

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Anonymous said...

While Longwang might describe me perfectly ... this typhoon, is called a ... hurricane.

Killers this year.

Of course, we in the US have to pass GWB's social security plan to do anthing about our contibu7tion to global warming .. those damn Chinks gotta' do their part too...