Monday, October 03, 2005


Monday's announcement -- that White House counsel Harriett Miers is the new nominee for the Supreme Court -- drew surprise and pleasant throat noises from Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Nevada.

But Republicans are on the warpath, saying Bush betrayed them by picking a woman to appease the politically correct crowd. Sen. Orrin Hatch said in a TV interview, "I hope she's a Republican."

And the Free Republic posters are positively apoplectic. Check out this thread, where one Freeper calls the Miers pick an "abomination of a nomination." And that's among the kinder things being typed.

There's a longer thread here, picking apart her biography and noting her lack of a spouse (she often shows up at work at 4:30 a.m. and leaves after 10 p.m.).

Bill Kristol, the neo-con leader, ripped the nomination during an interview on Fox, saying no one could make the case that Miers is the best person -- or even the best woman -- for the job.

She has one undisputed skills set: her loyalty to George W. Bush. That's very worrisome.

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Anonymous said...

I like her for the following reasons:

1. She "IS" a trial lawyer, who was so good she kept the history of GWB's desertion from the TXANG buried. So she will be sympathetic to other trial lawyers who sue insurance companies and doctors.

2. Earl Warren and William O. Douglas has almost the same history as she does and look at what great Justices they made.

3. It just shows that GWB is betting his two aces against a full house hoping to bluff ... he is that weak at athe present, so the demos will get what they want.