Saturday, October 08, 2005


The Standard-Examiner in Utah, um, examines this not-so-standard story:
A Sunset man is hoping he'll receive no sentence for wearing no shirt, no shoes -- no anything -- in a local convenience store.

Clearfield Assistant Chief Greg Krusi said the 51-year-old man telephoned a 7-Eleven clerk several times Thursday night asking if he could visit her at the store -- and leave his clothes at home.

A week earlier, the man made an au naturel visit to the same 7-Eleven, 976 W. 1700 South, when a different clerk was working.

The man wanted to persuade the clerks not to testify against him about a previous incident, Krusi said.
One of the clerks called police. An officer at the scene said he saw the suspect wriggle out of his clothes before entering the 7-11. Police arrested the man for driving under the influence -- and for being naked.

The Standard reports this isn't the first time Mr. Nekkid has been cheeky. A couple months ago he reportedly visited the Taco Bell drive-through window. The clerk gave a description: Fat, tattooed and missing some teeth. Boy, just the sort of guy you want to see naked.

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