Friday, October 28, 2005


Friday morning's media outlets were filled with speculation that White House brain Karl Rove would escape indictment but remain "under investigation." The early rumors had the stink of Turd Blossom clinging to them. Later Friday, Rove's lawyer, Robert Ruskin, even issued a statement saying pretty much the same thing.

After special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald announced the indictment of Lewis "Scooter" Libby -- but not Rove -- the chattering heads began wondering and asking what lay ahead for Rove.

Had Rove resisted the urge to leak, Friday night's coverage would be all about how the Brilliant Rove escaped the prosecutor's clutches. Instead, he's Damocles to Fitzgerald's Dionysius. The sword dangles and twists. So does Karl Rove.


Anonymous said...

Years ago when you were a serious reporter, I greatly admired how you covered major news with the finesse of a master storyteller. I suspected you would use your considerable talents to write novels in the style of perhaps John Sandford. Why do you spend so much time and obvious rabid glee at bashing the current administration? I have no problem with your extreme liberalism, but good God man, give it a rest. I read your blog most every day, and it's like blah blah blah Bush is an asshat. Yeah, we know. Those of us who voted for him simply because we thought Kerry was an even bigger asshat live with our mistake. We hope the Democratic party can come up with a good choice next time around (not Hillary, obviously) so we might have a reasonable choice.

We will watch in fascination (as you will) as Bush's Buddies implode. More importantly, we want to watch reruns of Star Trek to see Sulu gaze longingly at Captain Kirk.

Anonymous said...

You know, I remember when you were a serious reporter also. Maybe 20 years ago my son job shadowed you while he was in grade school. He still remembers the experience and talks highly of it.

My wife and I are morbidly fascinated by this entire chain of events. It took the republicans 10 years to do what it took the democrats 40 years to do-----become arrogant and out of touch with reality.

This whole affair is crystallized by John Danforth's recent remarks regarding the take over of the republican party.

They are all hypocrites: mission accomplished.

I read this blog and others every day. Yeah, you are hipper than I, but I like your style!

Ron Davis said...

Anon: Glad you read the blog. Sorry, but I can't seem to find the "Bush is an asshat" remark.