Friday, October 28, 2005


Reading the news release from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, we're struck by the Spy v. Spy tone of the Bush Administration, especially within the office of the vice president.

•On June 9, 2003, "a number of classified documents from the CIA" were faxed over the Dick Cheney's office. Wilson's name wasn't contained in the classified pages, but "Libby and one or more other persons in the Vice President's office handwrote the names 'Wilson' and 'Joe Wilson' on the documents."

•On June 11 or 12, Libby was "orally advised" by an undersecretary of state that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

•On June 11, a "senior officer of the CIA" told Libby that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

•On or about June 12, Cheney told Libby that "Wilson's wife worked at the CIA in the Counterproliferation Division."

•On June 14, Libby met with a CIA briefer "and discused with the brifer, among other things, 'Joe Wilson' and his wife 'Valerie Wilson.'"

•On June 19, a story in The New Republic appeared. Libby spoke with his principal deputy and said they couldn't leak info about Wilson's trip -- "there would be complications at the CIA ... and that he could not discuss the matter on a non-secure telephone line."

•On June 23, Libby met with Judith Miller and mentioned something about Wilson's wife working for the CIA.

Within two weeks of hearing from Cheney that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA, Libby was peddling that info to a reporter. All of this, of course, sources as allegations from Fitzgerald, and Libby is innocent until proven guilty.

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