Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Chris Fluharty wants to be a state representative in north Springfield. He's running as a Republican. But we're not sure any party will claim Fluharty, because someone people might think he's a loon.

Wednesday's News-Leader includes a letter from Fluharty, who seems stuck in the '50s (perhaps the 550s). In three short grafs he outlines a world view that is troubled, indeed:
Springfield, I implore you that it does not take a village to raise a child. Our public schools have already been transformed into government indoctrination centers, and now they want to get them even earlier. They hide all this in the guise of the public good.

What is good about the government raising your kids? If it is anything like the public schools they will probably tell them that there is no God but government, and only it can supply all your needs. You were not created but evolved from primordial sludge. Homosexuality is normal and should be tolerated by all. The world owes you a living so wait for them to provide it. This is supposed to keep kids out of trouble?

I normally disagree with Gov. Matt Blunt but he said it all at the Baptist Convention last week when he said Jesus Christ is our only hope. So I urge you to vote no to big government and encourage the city to drop the childhood development center and give it all to law enforcement next time around.
No to big government, unless it means law enforcement. No to primordial sludge, especially gay sludge. Can't wait to see Chris Fluharty on the campaign trail.


Duane Keys said...

If you enjoyed that, check out his blog:

Anonymous said...

Cool! Another Springfield blogger. I'm adding him to the blogroll.


Maybe he'll come to the next meeting.

Bets on who shows up first: This turkey, Jericho... or Ron Davis ;-)

A. Cline

Duane Keys said...

Psssshh... Ron Davis is nothing more than program aggregating interesting news while adding commentary, not a real person! ;)

See you at the next meeting Andy!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's what Stone sez...and he's a science dude!

A. Cline

Chris Fluharty said...

Thaks for the exposure. I am not running and the News-Misleader had me listed with the wrong party. To bad you all have nothing more productive to do then attack men and women who want to make a difference. I am surprised you did not talk about my letter and Op-ed on the Confederate flag as well. Sorry to disappoint you but I am not running because my party is no longer trying to get ballot access. But if people like you keep giving me expouser I may change my mind and get the signatures to run as an independent. Law enforcement is not big government it is one of the few enumerated powers they have. Try reading the Constitution once in a while. This should be title the blogger without a clue, because you Ron have no clue