Friday, November 04, 2005


We journey today to Stamford, Conn., home of perhaps the stupidest addict in America.

John Re, 49, sold his home for $670,000. Cops say he then took the money and set up a crack-cocaine operation in a hotel room -- across the street from police HQ.

The Stamford Advocate gives us a taste:
Re rented a room at Stamford Suites on Bedford Street, where he and a friend were using butane torches to heat the powder into crack cocaine, police said.

Re does not appear to be a crack dealer, but he manufactured the crack and invited friends over to smoke it, said Lt. Jon Fontneau, head of the narcotics and organized crime squad.

Police obtained a search warrant for Re's room and knocked on his door at about 9 p.m. Monday, Fontneau said.

A woman looked through the peephole, turned around and screamed, "John, the cops are here!" Fontneau said.

Officers forced the door open and saw Re and 37-year-old Llewellyn Cumming scrambling to clean crack cocaine off a bed, police said.

At least 30 crack pipes and smoking tubes were scattered around the room, police said. Officers also saw several butane torches and empty butane tanks used to cook the powdered cocaine, Fontneau said.

Officers found 17.4 grams of powdered cocaine in a nightstand and smaller amounts of marijuana and crack cocaine on the television stand, Fontneau said.

Then someone else knocked on the door.

Duncan Hines, 46, of 45 Locust St. in Bridgeport, arrived with small amounts of crack cocaine and marijuana in plastic bags shoved between his socks and shoes, Fontneau said.

Police seized about $2,400 worth of drugs from the trio, they said.
Mercifully, Betty Crocker and Quaker Oats were not among those arrested.


Anonymous said...

Bummer about Duncan Hines, dude. He had the BEST brownies, if you get my drift...

Anonymous said...

I must ask, What happened to Sarah Lee? Nobody does it like Sarah Lee. I believe that this article is the only one that I have read in the news recently that has truly peaked my interest. Nice work... ~Teenager~