Monday, December 19, 2005


The president's unusual Monday morning news conference lasted a little less than an hour and covered the usual suspects: Iraq, domestic spying, the Patriot Act.

Bush said senators who last week refused to authorize the Patriot Act were acting in "inexcusable" fashion. He also said the Senate "must" re-up the Patriot Act.

Bush stumbled in a couple places -- once when he said "democracies don't war; democracies are peaceful countries" (this one certainly does) and another time when he insisted that domestic spying by the National Security Agency was legal and the only way to help disrupt terrorist attacks. He glossed over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978; it already gives the government the right to surveil and search terrorist suspects, without a warrant, without disclosure to the public.

Why the need for the extraordinary spying by the NSA? Bush relied on circular logic: I swore to uphold the laws, therefore, what I do is legal.

Now where have we heard that one before?


Anonymous said...

I swore to uphold the laws, therefore, what I do is legal.

Circular logic? Does that really qualify as Circular Logic?

I thought an argument constructed in such a fashion fell under a similar but more missunderstood topic called "delusional psychosis".

Anonymous said...

"Now where have we heard that one before?"

Geeezzzzeee ... that is just scary-spooky .....

Anonymous said...

Maybe doing some research before "spouting your mouth off" ( my qoute, I know you're actually typing ) would pay off in the future. How avout actually giving time for a story to develop.

Oh wait, that wouldn't sate your hatred of conservatives...