Friday, December 09, 2005


A cryptic Friday night news release from the Springfield Police Department:
The Springfield Police Department is investigating allegations of Invasion of Privacy at 360 Degree Tanning LLC, formerly known as Paradise Sun Tanning Salon located at 1607 W. Republic Road, Springfield.

On 12-9-2005 Detectives of the Springfield Police Department executed a search warrant at the business in response to a tip received earlier in the day and the investigation is ongoing.
Whatever's going on is moving fast, from daytime tip to 10:43 p.m. news release.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The author of that press release must've never heard of who, what, when, where, and why.

I thought the local media was apathetic and didn't seek detail. Maybe it's their sources.

Anonymous said...

Will the evidence appear on the front page of the N & L?

Might liven up the paper....

Anonymous said...

Would you please check into this - get the story? The link doesn't lead to a press release; the last release listed is from a week ago. The Friday release seems to have disappeared.