Monday, December 12, 2005


Monday. Hope your weekend was marvy. You did have a weekend, didn't you?

It ain't a proper Monday unless there's a foolish letter to the editor in the local paper, and Barb Pullan of Marshfield does not disappoint:
Each February we pay honor, respect or simply acknowledge that two of our presidents were born and they had an affect on our country. Their pictures are everywhere.

We do the same for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Christopher Columbus, among others. I don't understand why acknowledging the birth of Jesus is so controversial. No one will dispute that he was born and did affect our country and world as the other men have. Some of us will celebrate his birth more than others, but shouldn't he be allowed in the same buildings as the other people we honor?
We honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln by having Presidents Day sales. In Springfield, we honor King by renaming a viaduct after him. Perhaps we should name a new coal-fired energy plant after Jesus.


Anonymous said...

ROFL. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Or, for crying out loud, why not just rename the High Street Baptist Church (which hasn't been on High Street for several years now) the First National Bank of Jesus?

I mean, hey...they've already got the vault for it, and everything...