Thursday, December 29, 2005


Straight outta Gary, Ind., courtesy of The Associated Press:
The officer, Tracey Berry, will be required to be retrained on firearms, Deputy Chief Jeff Kumorek said Wednesday. Berry's police powers have been temporarily suspended in the meantime, he said.

"Witness accounts support her statement that the dog was attacking her," Kumorek said.

Berry was scheduled to work security for a basketball tournament Monday at Gary West High School and was walking toward the south entrance when a pit bull began running toward her, police said. The closest door was locked, keeping her from seeking shelter inside, and another auxiliary officer's effort to use his car to block the dog was unsuccessful.

At that point, Kumorek said Berry shot at the dog and hit her fiance, 40-year-old Andre Senter, who was nearby. Senter, who was hit in the leg, was treated at The Methodist Hospitals in Gary and released.

"Based on the investigation we believe it's an accidental shooting. But if there is a deficiency in her firearms training, then we need to address that," Kumorek said. "We want to retrain her with her weapon before we put her back on the street."
Mm-hmm. Wonder if the Senter-Berry ceremony is still on?

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd be so embarrassed I would never be able to carry a gun again...

"Sooooo... You tried to shoot a 145lb pit bull at approximately 5 to 8 ft., but “accidentally” shot your fiancĂ© 23ft behind and to the left of the dog?"

You really can't blame her. Have you seen a B-27 target, the standard silhouette used for target practice? It's about 3ft wide by 4ft tall. Combat range is 7 yards. All you have to do is hit it. I've seen people miss...

One local training facility calls the B-27 the Stevei Wonder Target. I mean, you'd have to be blind (and maybe badly disorientated) to miss it. At 21 ft it's nearly the broad side of the barn. Miss it? Not if you’re facing down range and can pull the trigger.

I'm genuinely sorry for both of them, that's a very poor turn of events.

But yet, I almost have to laugh. She's an officer, what the hell was she shooting at?

I carry a gun with a 3 inch barrel, (read as, not nearly as accurate as whatever she carries for service duty) and I've only been shooting for three months or less now and have had NONE of the training an officer does. I can tell you would not have missed that animal if it was 20ft or closer.

Now, if this happened because she missed the dog, struck the pavement, the bullet skipped and hit the guy, I'll retract all of what I just said. Otherwise I'll still be amused at their misfortune for a while yet.