Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yeppers. Green. Dog's name is Wasabi. Damned if we can think of any dog with a normally green coat, but we don't get out much.

The Daily Bulletin in Ontario, Calif., offers this:
Wasabi was born in the Alhambra home of Peter Tseng on Nov 3. The puppy is the daughter of AKC (American Kennel Club) registered golden retrievers Goldie (mom) and Coco (dad) but, unlike her shiny blond siblings, her fur has an pale olive green sheen.

The green pup was a big surprise to Tseng and his wife, Janet Chen, reported their daughter, Amy Cosylion of South Pasadena.

But Goldie doesn’t mind at all.

“Goldie doesn’t care. She looks at everything as the same thing,” Tseng said.

Will Wasabi stay green? Tseng doesn’t know.

“I called the doctor at the animal hospital and he said to wait three or four weeks to see what happens,” Tseng said.

Little Wasabi, named after the green Japanese mustard commonly served with sushi, has had a lot of notice on TV. She also is the talk of the neighborhood.

“All the neighbors are coming over to see her,” Tseng said. “It’s too much.”
The dog's owners have already turned down a $2,000 offer for the pup. Karma now demands that the green tint quickly fade.

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Anonymous said...

"Borrrrrrrn greeeeeeeen, as green as the grass grows....

"How old he'll be? Who knows!

"Except, for Lorne Greeeeeeeene!"