Thursday, December 15, 2005


In what may be the dumbest pro-Christmas move ever made, a Virginia congresswoman has introduced a resolution putting Congress on record as supporting "symbols and traditions of Christmas."

Rep. Jo Ann Davis sucked up to the right and pissed off the left with her meaningless resolution, according to the Daily Press in Hampton Roads:
The largely symbolic resolution triggered a partisan culture clash in the House chamber. Conservative Republicans applauded the measure, but many Democrats criticized it as religiously insensitive.

Davis, an outspoken Christian conservative from Gloucester, said she was spurred to act after seeing news reports of retailers telling their employees to wish customers a "happy holiday," instead of "Merry Christmas," and schools forbidding everything from Christmas plays to Santa Claus.

"Christmas has been declared politically incorrect," Davis told colleagues on the House floor. "Any sign or even mention of Christmas in public can lead to complaints, litigation, protests and threats. America's favorite holiday is being twisted beyond recognition."
We concur. Christmas is being twisted beyond recognition. And it's Republicans who are doing most of the twisting.

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Anonymous said...

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Imagine all the people
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Imagine all the people
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Partial lyrics to "Imagine" - Writen by: John Lennon, © Bag productions inc.