Wednesday, December 07, 2005


What were they supposed to do -- break it up? It wasn't a fight.

The kids are from Lincoln, Neb. She's 17; he's 19. KETV says they got into a restricted hallway and got it on while "at least a dozen students watched through the gate."

From the report:
A school administrator found the couple and called a school resource officer.

"I don't want the message to families (to be that) this is happening indiscriminately all over the halls," said Becky Wild, with Lincoln Public Schools.

Wild said she remembers only one other incident like this in the last 10 years. She said LPS takes it very seriously, and administrators are asking themselves some tough questions.

"Are there some areas in our schools that are not as visible to the adults that supervise? We need to figure out how we cover those. Do we need to be talking with students about appropriate behavior?" Wild said.
Disapproving students are quoted. One said that "it probably does happen" at their school. "People just don't know about it."

Well, actually, people know all about it. That's why there are kids doing it today.

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