Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Or aunt. What you won't be is surprised when Judge John E. Jones III issues his ruling in the Dover, Pa., evolution case.

Jones is expected to issue his findings on Tuesday. Anyone who followed the trial can see that Jones will likely rule against the school board that wanted to teach so-called "intelligent design" in the classroom.

Finally, sanity from the bench.


DocLarry said...

Those damn activist judges! What we need is an activist president!

John Stone said...

The only question is: how much will it cost the citizens of Dover to pay to the ACLU, for being stupid enough to elect those people. They have thrown them out of office, in masse, but the bill is coming.

How sweet a notice to Kansas and to the followers of Dee Wampler in Springfield. Pull this shit and it's gonna' cost you ... and, like the taxpayers, students, and fans of Dover PA, it may cost you a lot.

Gay J Revi said...

The ACLU does not sue for damages...only for recovery of legal expenses. Might be a pretty penny, though.

When they lost their lawsuit, the fine folks in Republic turned their bill for expenses to defend the ichtus (Christian symbol) in to their insurance company, since the city was insured against lawsuits. Turns out that insurance companies don't insure against stupidity (my words, not theirs). The insurance company refused to pay.

Clearly, it's over in Dover. AND NOW...ON TO KANSAS.