Monday, January 30, 2006


Sorry for the paucity of posts the past couple days. Got this little TV show brewing.

(By the way, to answer the question: Future guests and media panelists will be named this week.)

But none of that matters at this moment. Instead we need to answer a question raised by Leslie Clary of Springfield, who writes a letter to the editor of the News-Leader about "Brokeback Mountain" and its alleged "gay agenda."

Writes Clary:
It's a movie, meant for entertainment purposes. It tells the story of two people in love. What difference does it make whether they're two men, two women, or a man and a woman?
What difference? Well, we might see the movie if it's two chicks.

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Anonymous said...

Wanna feel old? I worked with a kid recently who was so young that when we were talking about DELIVERENCE and THE HUNGER he thought they were "gay porn." His girlfriend clued him in to the fact that these were mainstream movies. Oddly enough she is still with him.