Tuesday, January 31, 2006


•The Academy Award nominations are out; "Walk The Line" gets snubbed for best picture but William Hurt gets a nod for his supporting role in "A History of Violence." And Dolly Parton gets nominated for best original song. Some things are right with the world.

•Coretta Scott King is dead at age 78. We remember this photo from the funeral of her husband but were too young to appreciate the quiet dignity within her grief. Now the new religion of King will begin, unburdened by the whims of the living.

•"Street Talk" tapes today and airs on Wednesday (6:30 p.m.), Thursday (11:30 p.m.) and Sunday (half past noon). Mediacom Channel 14, for those of you linked by the cable. For those who dish it, partner up with a cabled friend. A new web site (http://streettalk.tv) is being developed and should be powered up in the next day or so.

•Sam Alito will be confirmed by the U.S. Senate today, clearing the way for much mayhem -- the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the rending of clothes, the smearing of ashes. But only among unrealistic Democrats.


Anonymous said...

There were fourteen wimps in what is laughingly called a "Party" that yesterday voted for cloture, thereby insuring that Alito would sit on the court. And then turned around this morning to say he wasn't worthy of the same.

Call this triangulation against your friends. You can claim that you opposed him in the vote .. .but in fact you got him seated in the vote the day before. Every single one of them should lose the next election -- lose even to a Republican -- each and every one deserves it.

Filibuster is a method of protecting minority rights. Make a mockery of filibuster, like they have done, and you no longer have a Senate, you have 51 Senators.

Never again do I want to see that old fool Robert Byrd shaking his copy of the Constitution in my face.

This should, by any sane reason, be the Democrat's year. They should win and win big. They won't. They are now hated by the Republicans who they support, and the Democrats, like me who used to support them. I'm outta' this game. I am going to play a different one.

Anonymous said...

"Now the new religion of King will begin, unburdened by the whims of the living."

Hardly so.

Check into the true story of the King "children" and their family rifts, and you will find a busload of burdensome whims. Disagreements over the control of MLK's intellectual properties, over the troubled finances and future of the MLK Center in Atlanta, and other issues. 60 Minutes, the New York Times and others peeled the covers back on this more than a year ago.

Mother is gone now, and the whims of the living (and their lawyers) are all primed to erupt into an ugly feud. For those of us who will always admire the character and the courage of Dr. King, it will be a sad thing to see the father's dream twisted into such a nightmare. Let's hope they find a way around their fighting.