Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Shellfishly, we love this story. From the New York Post:
A distraught Long Island widow who claims her husband died after dodging a flying shrimp at a Japanese restaurant said he became a shell of himself after surgery. "He was lethargic," Jacqueline Colaitis said of her beloved Jerry, known as "Jerry Cola" to his fur-trade associates. "It looked like he was daydreaming."

Her attorney, Andre Ferenzo, even asked her on the witness stand if the couple continued to have sex.

"It was less frequent," Colaitis said softly.

Colaitis charges that a Benihana chef tossed a sizzling shrimp bit at her husband over his protests in June 2001, forcing him to wrench away and injure his neck.

The affluent furrier, 46, underwent surgery but died five months later from an infection.

Defense attorney Charles Connick counters that Colaitis died from natural causes and that tip-seeking Benihana chefs were not likely to insist on pelting customers who asked to be left alone.
Good thing no one died from the flaming volcano of onions, or the dancing salt-and-pepper shakers.

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