Friday, January 06, 2006


Nadine Nunnelee is 40 and, until recently, was employed as a teacher in good standing at Garden City High School in Kansas.

Today she stands accused of participating in America's hottest crime trend -- female teachers having sex with male students.

Nunnelee was busted Wednesday at the school. A police captain had been working on a runaway case and stumbled across a tip that a teacher was doing a student, in this case a 16-year-old who stayed at Nunnelee's home between Dec. 17-25 (insert your own "helping her hang balls on her tree" joke here).

The Associated Press reports that Nunnelee wouldn't be accused of a crime if the teen wasn't a student; in Kansas the age of consent is 16, but it's illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student who attends the same school.

Cops say the sex was consensual. Nunnelee has been suspended with pay.

The Smoking Gun has her mugshot. Such a sad sight.


Anonymous said...

Damn... she ugly!

Anonymous said...

I think the kid would have been better off opting for the Christmas "Home Alone" plan, opting for delivered pizza and the TNT James Bond marathon...he'd still get his hands greasy AND Pussy Galore...

Anonymous said...

The really funny thing is that the 16 year old boy is not the one who accussed nunnelee, it was a 15 year female runaway who did the accussing. she did this to get herself out of trouble. the boy, who was caught with marijuana that he obtained via a breaking and entering, went along with this to get himself out of trouble. he also claims to have accused the teacher because she had him placed in school suspension. those of us who were with nunnelee during the time period of the alleged incidents know for a fact that nunnelee is innocent and that she did not have sex with the 16 year old boy. it is difficult to have sex with someone who is in a different town 24 miles away. his penis is just not that long folks. maybe you should ask nunnelee what happened instead of perpetuating these lies on the net.

Anonymous said...

actually, she looks very sensitive and caring in her mug shot. remember, it IS possible that the person above is telling the truth,as she looks more like an "aunt" than a MILF. I hope she IS innocent.