Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Another morning, more reaction in the morning paper from Ozarkers who claim outrage at "The Book of Daniel," a show on NBC.

It has been a controversy of exceptional clairvoyance. Many anti-Daniel letters were published by the News-Leader before the show ever aired. We're willing to bet that most of the hate-the-show mail now being published comes from people who haven't seen the show (or, even better, from people who secretly watched and relished the show, but now feel bad because they think they've offended God with their offending eyes).

We just with the paper would get better letters to the editor. Today's offering reeks of thoughtless knuckle draggers. Richard McCoy of Waynesville asks:
While I understand that some shows do appeal to certain demographics, I wonder who this show is supposed to appeal to here in the Ozarks?
Umm, perhaps certain demographics is the answer Mr. McCoy seeks. He's also upset that the show "crossed a line." Probably one he drew.

Fellow outraged citizen Doug DeGase seems to think KYTV, the local NBC affiliate, should lead "our Christian community" by keeping "Daniel" off local airwaves. DeGase also insists on typing an unintentionally hilarious sentence:
The hidden messages in this program are quite obvious.
And the obvious messages are quite hidden, no doubt. Mr. DeGase also relies in vain on Those Evil Muslims to make his case; he claims NBC would never air a show that "featured Islam or any other religion in such a blasphemous manner."

On the other end of the spectrum, Diane Jeffery of Willow Springs actually admitted that she liked the show, and that "[p]eople should realize that these things are what's going on in the real world."

Say wot? Jesus really tells people where they misplaced their prescription painkillers? Can he also do something about the lottery? Monday night's winning Pick 3 was 0-0-0 -- the Sign of the Horshack, according to JJ, and now we are scared.

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Anonymous said...

LOL... Thanks for the round up of the local opinions, they can be entertaining, no? :)