Monday, January 09, 2006


Many of today's conservatives think it's jolly good fun to make fun of liberals. Whatever; that's a game both sides play, and usually no one is harmed by flying words.

But the weekend beating death of a New York Times reporter in Washington, D.C., has unleashed the mean core of many conservatives. Stripped of the pretense that they're just joking, these conservatives have finally revealed their despicable souls.

David Rosenbaum was 63 and had worked for the Times for more than 30 years. He was beaten from behind on Friday night and robbed of his wallet. He died Sunday night.

Members of Free Republic, a leading conservative forum, were giddy over Rosenbaum's death. Yeah, really. Here's the thread, and here are some fascinating comments to digest:
Feh. He probably paid a co worker to do it not expecting to die so he could have a story in order to play the victim.

The New York Times spends all its time making the rest of us more vulnerable to enemies and criminals, it's only fitting when that karma comes back to bite them. There's little difference between a NY Times employee and a terrorist these days.

The New York Times has been instrumental in defining decency down for two generations...recently it has again embraced treason (history buffs remember those glowing reports on the USSR). Any other common citizen beaten to death by a street thug would be a is only human to think there is an element of blowback when the victim is a liberal reporter for the left's primary organ.

The mugging death of that Slimes presstitute is proof positive that there is a G*D, and than he has a sense of ironic humor.
Anyone care to defend such moral equivalency?


Anonymous said...

Anyone care to defend such moral equivalency?

Not me ... I get about one comment a week on my blog ... and it's almost always from a freek -- er ... freep ... I just reject it without comment ... Like Ernie from Reeds Springs calling you a Jap, I don't put up with that sort of shit ...

Anonymous said...

It's not defensible.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a religion that's full of love and understanding, I always say.

Anonymous said...

And Cindy Sheehan gets to use such moral equivalency with no questions from you.

Liberal shills are just as vile and disgusting...

Ron Davis said...

anonymous: Want to cite when this blog propped up Cindy Sheehan? Didn't think you could, so let me help you. Doesn't sound like a Sheehan rah-rah, does it?

There's also this link, criticizing Rush Limbaugh for claiming Sheehan's story of losing her son was nothing more than "forged documents." Perhaps you agree with Limbaugh's remarks. If so, that says a lot about you.

Anonymous said...

If you want a good example of their lack of humor and humanity for that matter, go to and read any of the post from ohplease. He needs to be tranquilized or something.

Desdinova, the eternal light