Thursday, January 26, 2006

SHE'S 29, HE'S 17

He's a student. She is -- was -- a substitute teacher in Tooele County, Utah.

Her name is Cameo Patch and she is now charged with a felony. The Tooele Transcript reports:
According to a police informant that instigated the investigation, Patch “performed oral sex” on the student and did not have sexual intercourse. The informant also alleged that Patch had paid special attention to the student in class prior to the incident.

Revealing the police informant’s identity would identify the alleged victim. The Tooele Transcript-Bulletin has a policy to not identify victims of sex crimes.
Two things very wrong with the Tooele Transcript piece: no pic of the perp and an assumption that the 17-year-old student is a "victim" of a "sex crime."

KUTV has a mugshot of the unfortunately named Patch. The Salt Lake Tribune has a write-up here. Should Patch be allowed to teach? No. Should she be sent to prison for blowing a 17-year-old who apparently submitted gladly to the oral ministrations? You've got to be kidding.


Anonymous said...

According to this, she would have been better off if they had just done it up right.

Anonymous said...

Double standard. Often times young women enjoy it just as much as young men. Were sexist. We paint women as helpless little things and young men of the same age as in control.