Wednesday, January 04, 2006


We were quite close to calling Smitty on Tuesday night and alerting him to the rescue of 12 coal miners. Too late to call, we figured, not knowing that on his end, Smitty was this close to calling us. He was watching Dave.

Letterman's "Late Show" featured an interview with Bill O'Reilly, the huff-and-puffer at Fox. TV Squad, among other places, has links to the vid. We're still agog over Letterman's snap to O'Reilly:
"I'm not smart enough to debate you point to point on this, but I have the feeling that 60% of what you say is crap."
Others we know heard that O'Reilly was a guest and switched over to Anything Else.

Like Rashomon, those who saw the assault recall it in different ways. At TPM Cafe, the usual liberal suspects think O'Reilly trounced Letterman; they accuse the talk-show host of being ignorant. Meanwhile, Freeperland blazes with anger that Letterman was suck a dick. Hammer of Truth thought Dave was brilliant. Michelle Malkin gave the advantage to O'Reilly.
Dodge has a new Challenger concept featured in February's Car & Driver. Men in their 40s must remember this warning: You're no longer a punk. You will look stupid driving this car.
What in God's name is Jack Abramoff trying to say? The lobbyist pleaded guilty on Tuesday to corrupting members of Congress and fleecing Indian tribes. He walked out of the courthouse wearing a black hat. His signal to Tom DeLay & Co. that he's really a bad guy? Or simply a bad fashion statement?


Anonymous said...

That Challenger front end looks a lot like the original Mustang. Of course, the original Challenger front end looked a bit like the original Mustang.

Hmmm, cars from my childhood are now "in" as "retro" cars. Guess that makes me an old duffer.

Also, Ron--loved the typo in your Letterman write-up.

Ron Davis said...

Egads, Doc! Such! Such!

Must have been an echo from the phrase huff-and-puffer.

Anonymous said...

Dave kicked O'liar's ass. Dave Letterman for President in 2008!

Signed, Desdinova the Eternal Light