Thursday, January 19, 2006


Anthony Altman of West Plains likes his Ozarks nice and white. And he's not ashamed to let people know of his racism.

In a Thursday letter to the editor of the News-Leader, Altman thinks he's making sense:
The recent hotel shooting the day before Martin Luther King Day is the precise reason that so many of us do not desire to have more minorities in the Ozarks.

Five years ago I left my home in South Florida and decided to stay in the Ozarks. Many others who have moved here like myself have done so to escape the high levels of crime that accompany when you have high numbers of minorities.

Those who feel the Ozarks needs to be more culturally integrated with minorities never want to discuss the down side of their argument. And I believe it would do them some good to stay with their families in an area with large numbers of minorities. There are plenty of cities just outside of the Ozarks to give them a taste of the fruits of their labor.
Good to know that Frazier Glenn Miller has a soulmate in the Ozarks. Wonder if Anthony Altman is a snitch, too?

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Anonymous said...

We once lived in a town with 60,000 Indonesians and a minority of about 200 white folks. Almost all the round-eyes were from Texas: real, oilfield trash. I hope we NEVER have to live around such a minority group again: they're loud, drunk, racist and they're always causing trouble. To be fair, though, some of them were pretty good basketball players.