Monday, February 20, 2006


No name given in the story found here, but a few details:
•Cat weighs 33 pounds.
•Waist is 31 inches.
•Cat's owner says kitty does not like fish, but eats six pounds of chicken and pork every day.
One big-ass cat. Yes, the link provides pictures. Lots of pictures. Best example of fat cat is here.


Anonymous said...

The prodigal san has come home!
Kill the fatted cat!

Anonymous said...

Damn, that is one big pussy.

Anonymous said...

What? No react to the Ozark Voices today? :-) Or are you saving it for the podcast tonight at the pub? Yes, that's right, time for another Springfield Bloggers meeting -- 7 p.m. at Patton Alley (yes, I'm using your comments as shameless promotion).

--A. Cline

Keith L. Rodgers said...

Insert "Big Pussy"/"Sopranos" joke here.

busplunge said...

Ozark Voices?
Paul Summers?
same song, same verse, getting tired of his same old bias.