Monday, February 27, 2006


In Australia, a club bouncer has been sent to cold storage after he killed a man with a single kick to the head. The Courier-Mail reports:
Frank Hutchings, 29, was found guilty of manslaughter by a Supreme Court jury in December over the incident at Morningside's Colmslie Hotel in June 2003.

During the trial, the court was told that victim David John Coddington, 27, was apparently upset about being ejected from the hotel shortly before closing time for being too drunk. As he walked past Hutchings and other security staff he complained about his removal.

Coddington was overhead to say to Hutchings: "I f----- your mother."

It was alleged that when Coddington repeated the insult Hutchings kicked him with a fast, sharp blow to the head.

Coddington, who had a blood alcohol reading of 0.29 per cent, died a short time later of a brain haemorrhage.

Hutchings has maintained he only hit Coddington on the shoulder in a bid to subdue him, and the kick did not have enough force to do any damage.

He claimed in his evidence that Coddington did not flinch or move after he was struck, and seconds later turned to walk away but his feet twisted and he fell down.

But Justice Cate Holmes told Hutchings yesterday Coddington was a very drunk young man and she did not accept he represented a "perceived threat".

"What you did was a stupid and brutal act on impulse and it changed your life forever and those who loved Mr Coddington," Justice Holmes said.

She did, however, accept that the incident was out of character for Hutchings, who had lived a "reputable, blameless life" and had been the subject of numerous glowing references to the court. But she said: "All of that has now come crashing down."

She sentenced him to seven years' jail with a recommendation he be considered for parole after three years.

Prosecutor Peter Feeney had argued Hutchings should be jailed for seven to nine years, while defence counsel Michael Byrne, QC, told the court five to six years was an appropriate range.
Do not do The Dozens with Frank Hitchings.


Anonymous said...

Gives "boot to the head" a whole new meaning.

Anonymous said...

When your own defense lawyer goes for 5-6 years ... you know you're in trouble ...

Why can't the Oz-landers learn to spell "defense" anyway ... that alone is worth 8 to life ...

Anonymous said...

We do spelling it the right way, and we can pronounce aluminium properly too :P

on topic though it's just another bs sentence, seven years but told to be considered parole after three? why not just sentence him to three and be done with it, or if the sentence is for seven years how about make it a minimum of seven years!

Anonymous said...

""We do spelling it the right way, and we can pronounce aluminium properly too :P""

no no! it's supposed to be spell!!