Monday, February 27, 2006


The CNN anchor breaks into our house every weekday afternoon and, shouting, locks us into some strange place called "The Situation Room," only because it's Wolf doing the yelping we're actually in "THE SITUATION ROOM," oh yes we are.

It's not a bad place, even when Wolf starts with his dastardly decibels. Jack Cafferty is our kind of curmudgeon; we want to buy the guy a drink. But the real reason to see the show is Zain Verjee, who speaks "Gujarati, Kiswahili and conversational French," according to her bio on CNN. Maybe it's the hot accent, or the way she gigs Blitzer, but Verjee makes us want to stay in "The Situation Room," even if it meant being subjected to Wolf's SHOUTED incanTATIONS that only RESEMBLE NEWS.

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Anonymous said...

Zain was filling in for Soledad O'Brien on American Morning a few weeks ago, and she was smokin'. I'm a fan.