Monday, February 20, 2006


Don't take it from us -- listen to the truckers who stuck Missouri with bad road reps.

A survey in Overdrive magazine says Missouri has the second-worst roads in the U.S. We're right behind Pennsylvania. Small solace, that.

According to the survey:
The states with the worst roads are: 1. Pennsylvania 2. Missouri 3. Louisiana 4. Michigan 5. California

The states with the best roads are: 1. Texas 2. Florida 3. Tennessee 4. Georgia and Ohio (tie) 5. Nevada and Virginia (tie)

The worst highway in the United States is: 1. I-10 in Louisiana 2. I-44 in Missouri 3. I-95 in New York

The best highway in the United States is: 1. I-75 in Florida 2. I-40 in Tennessee 3. I-10 in Texas

The most improved highway is: 1. I-40 Arkansas 2. I-80 Pennsylvania 3. I-30 Arkansas
That's right, kidney-busting I-44 is the second-worst highway in America. You can't be surprised.

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