Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The former teacher who reportedly had sex with a middle-school student is speaking now (2:30 p.m. Central) in a news conference. Prosecutors have dropped charges after a judge refused to accpt a plea bargain. The victim's family didn't want him to testify.

She says she's bipolar; she bristles at the media and says she "wants the world to see that bipolar is real ... I challenge you to read a book on bipolar illness." She says she's doing an online course for journalism and says she has a gift for writing.

She doesn't care, she says, about the media coverage, or what people think of her. "I believe that my family knows who I am. Right now, my family and my friends are all that matter," she says.

Lafave says she's in therapy, and prays all media coverage will die out. She says her passion was teaching, and she's lost that. She says she's very remorseful: "My greatest regret would be that I put this young man through this."

She says she's a "strong Christian woman," and having sex with a student was "just a bump in the road."

A reporter asks if, through counseling, she's learned why she had sex with a student. Lafave pauses for several seconds and frowns. She mouths something about being in counseling for a long time, but no, she doesn't know why. It's bipolar's fault.


Anonymous said...

What a riveting story! Even more amazing is I've missed all the media hype surrounding this case. Is this the teacher from Rountree? No. Is the extensive Chatter coverage the hype the teacher is trying to downplay? Nope. Oh, wait a minute. This happened in Florida? Why am I reading this? Why should be care? Why is Davis spending so much time reporting play-by-play accounts of a press conference that happened not a at 2:30 at Central High School, but 3:30 Eastern Standard time.
An isolationist, you say? No. I'm interested in what happens in Florida. Just not here on Chatter. C'mon, Ron. Isn't there anything happening in your hometown worth blogging about?

Anonymous said...

One wonders why these anonymous fools continue to read this blog when they are so disappointed in the topics about which Ron chooses to blog. Character flaw? Guilt complex for quietly drooling over the thought of having sex with a 24-year-old teacher?

Anonymous said...

Doctor Larry - or whatever. You being Ron's defender each time he is questioned/bashed has got to stop. You look foolish. Blogs are the quintessential spot for debate. If no one disagreed, things would get pretty boring pretty fast. And Ron is more than capable of taking care of himself. Well, mostly.

But I get where you are coming from on this particular "anonymous" post, I mean, I love the Debra Lafave story and can see why Ron is taken with her, I mean, the story. And guess what? You can sign me anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I know these are sensitive times with teachers being accused of sexual molestation, abusing students - but, damn, after seeing that young bi-polar teacher facing the cameras, my heart just went out to her, and . . . well, I just had to think about that poor kid having been subjected to . . . such abuse.

Anonymous said...

At least this teacher was charged with something before her name was sent into cyberspace for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.
Furthermore, I'm going to be real curious what the outcome of the Roundtree deal is versus the Lafave thing. My point is, here is a woman who actually had sex with a male student v. a man who "inappropriately touched" what I am assuming is a female student. My money is this guy at Roundtree will get some jail time, unlike Debbie.

Anonymous said...

"...a bump in the road" ???? HAHAHAHA ... who should we attribute that quote to??? .... the cuz driving the car maybe??? HAHAHAHA .. .you should have looking in the mirror when we hit that bump in the road ..." HAHAHAHAHA

"Hell the guy is now Jewish !!! ... no goyims left in this family"

Anonymous said...

Let's see...some anonymous coward complains about the topics a blogger blogs about. I comment that such fools probably shouldn't read the entries and/or the blog if they don't like the content. Some other coward chastises me for defending Ron and implies I don't wish for their to be debate on this or any other blog.

So how do these small minds get from point A (if you don't like what's here, don't read it) to point B (DocLarry doesn't want their to be any debate)? Hell, I LOVE debate. Let's have more! But let's debate issues, not what content Ron chooses to include in HIS blog.

Unfortunately, most anonymous cowards don't comment on, let alone debate, any substantive topics. They simply complain about the entries they don't like. They suggest (demand?) Ron not blog about things outside of Springfield, odd sexual obsessions, and/or weird news items.

How is my suggestion that those who dislike reading these entries stop reading them stifling debate?

Anonymous said...

You just have to remember something we old airplane drivers are all aware of Ronbo --- the are paved airstrips, and there are grass airstrips. One happens to be thankful this wasn't a dirt strip.

The trouble with paved landing strips is that there are always a lot of skid marks on them.

Anonymous said...

You're not stifling the debate, doclarry, you're just projecting that you seem to be a major league ass. And hey, that's your right as an American.

I haven't seen anyone on this site "demand," as you say, that Ron not blog about one subject or another. I've seen plenty of thoughtful comments on here, some of which I agree with, and some of which I don't. That's why I keep coming back.

You foster a great deal of disrespect for yourself (and your own opinions) by constantly beating your chest and calling people names ("cowards" "fools" "small minds") simply because they choose to challenge a thought on here with an anonymous comment. That's completely unnecessary. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

Nobody is "demanding" that you stop it. On the other hand, I doubt anybody would grieve if the next time you felt compelled to froth at the mouth, you would choose instead to just stuff a sock in it.

Anonymous said...

So... As a teacher... Just a professional thought here. If I were to have sex with a student and then that student were to drop charges... would I get my certificate back?

And, on an almost unrelated subject... Am I getting this right? Are these guys actually debating about debating?

Anonymous said...

To quote the first "anonymous" comment (evidently some other anonymous coward is unable to read):
"Why am I reading this? Why should be care? Why is Davis spending so much time reporting play-by-play accounts of a press conference that happened not a at 2:30 at Central High School, but 3:30 Eastern Standard time.
An isolationist, you say? No. I'm interested in what happens in Florida. Just not here on Chatter. C'mon, Ron. Isn't there anything happening in your hometown worth blogging about?"

Is that not calling for Davis to not blog about these things?

As I stated, I have no problem with debate. But comments like this are not debate. They're not disagreeing with Ron's point of view. They are demands for Ron to blog about something else. And it takes a very small mind to not see that.

Object to me calling you a coward? Quit being anonymous. Debate an issue rather than complain about Ron choosing to blog on odd news items. Quit being cowardly and small-minded and foolish.

Oh wait, then you wouldn't be a troll.

When I start seeing comments debating issues, disagreeing with Ron on posts like his Kreider speech, I'll stop complaining about the fools and cowards and small minds that only complain about posts like this one. Until then, crawl back under your bed. Ron's going to blog about some other weird news item.

Anonymous said...

Seek some professional counseling assistance, doclarry. You obviously have some anger problems to work out.

Somewhere, surely, a grade school playground must be missing you as its bully.

Anonymous said...

hmmm....I'm bipolar. Have been for years. On meds. In counseling, too. Funny...not once have I wanted to jump the 14-year old boy who mows my lawn.

Bipolar doesn't mean that you lose the capacity to tell right from wrong. WRONG = sex with a minor. PERIOD. This woman should be given jail time, just like a male predator in the same position would be. Get real.