Saturday, March 25, 2006


WikiChick, who claims to live in that garden spot known as Relative Obscurity, Mo., posts an eye-opener on her site. Seems the actress Natalie Portman -- she of the Star Wars franchise -- has one of the world's biggest craniums, right up there with former KYTV anchor Tony Beason.

WikiChick has the photographic proof. Yikes. Portman needs to put on a few LBs.


wikiChick said...

Could Portman be Beason's love child? The cranial compatability is striking!

busplunge said...

Carol Channing has a big head.
I have this theory, albeit untested, that stage actors have big heads.
Go to Little Theater and watch the people on stage. People with big heads make better actors, especially on live stage. you can see their faces.