Thursday, March 09, 2006


Be on the lookout for a fat man claiming to be a manager at Chili's. The Springfield Police Department says:
The SPD would like to make the public aware of an individual who is posing as a Chili’s manager and soliciting rides and money from those he encounters. The suspect is described as a B/M approx. 30-yoa 250-280 pds and 5’6” with long cornrows. The suspect is also described as wearing a Chili’s polo shirt with a nametag that identifies him as management. He acts in a professional demeanor and is well groomed in appearance. The suspect approaches individuals on parking lots, identifies himself as a manager from Chili’s restaurant and asks for money and a ride to an automotive shop. The suspect has approached 3 different people on the Cheddars, Lowes and Battlefield Mall parking lots.
Hey hey hey.

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