Thursday, March 02, 2006


E-mails already out to MIT, Mayor Dan and Smitty. From the wires:
Jack Wild, the actor appeared who in the movie musical "Oliver!" as the irrepressible Artful Dodger, has died, his agent said Thursday. He was 53.

Wild died Wednesday after a battle with mouth cancer, agent Alex Jay said.

As a child actor, Wild appeared in a London stage production of "Oliver!", Lionel Bart's adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Oliver Twist." He was cast in the film as cheeky pickpocket the Artful Dodger, earning an Academy Award nomination at the age of 16.

He was known to a generation of children as the hero of "HR Pufnstuf," a U.S. television series about a boy stranded on a fantastical island with a talking flute, a friendly dragon and eerie, chatty trees. A feature film, "Pufnstuf," appeared in 1970.

Wild's adult acting career was fitful and he struggled with alcoholism. He had a role as one of the Merry Men in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" in 1991.

Wild was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2000, and surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy had left him unable to speak.
No, sir, you may not have any more.


Anonymous said...

Again I am late to the fray...nonetheless my upmost from the bottom of my heart...condolences for the passing of one of my childhood heroes,Mr. Jack Wild. Being a hero can be defined in so many ways. For me others tell me I am hero because I chose to be called back to active military duty after the US was attacked on September 11th. I choose to call Jack Wild a hero because it was the man and actor that made me believe I could do anything and be anything. At his passing I have been blessed to be a dad,I left the military with many distinguished medals after having served as an Air Force policeman and attached for a brief time to a Special Operations unit. I salute you Jack somewhere in the heavens than for being one of my hero's.

SSGT SW Rice former AF policeman
919th SOG,332nd ESFS,50th TFW & 315th AF Reserve police Charleston,SC

Anonymous said...

Any more comments about Jack Wild and the times of his life and career. please feel free to contact me at