Tuesday, March 07, 2006


And man, what a doozy. At 2:32 p.m. Monday, this man filed to run as a Democrat for Congress in the 7th District of Missouri:
Glenn Miller, Jr.
17209 Lawrence 1220
Aurora MO 65605
That would be Frazier Glenn Miller, white supremacist and federal informant. Bet the Dems are jumping for joy, eh?


Anonymous said...

viva la revolution.

John Stone said...

Is there anyone on the face of the planet that would think the 7th Dist Demos would not let this one slip thru their fingers ... what a bunch of maroons ... maybe the Greens will put up a candidate. I know the Libs will ...

Anonymous said...

Count on local Dems to screw it up.
No candidate
No leadership
No chance
Why are we supporting these guys?

Anonymous said...

More than 60 years ago, Will Rogers said it best:

"I'm not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat."

LocoFocoRampant said...

I hope to prove John wrong...at least on this on. Stay tuned!

The Libertarian Guy said...

But... I thought only Republicans could be racist. *snicker*

No, seriously... this is amusing. Bread'n'circuses (circii?) for everyone!

But, hey... we went through having an idiot racist candidate - Martin Lindstedt. We kicked him out of the party. And it's damned hard to get kicked out of the LP.

So, Dems... find a reason to can this guy. If you can't, distance yourselves from him.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic party rejected the filing fee for Glenn Miller's attempt to co-opt the ticket. It seems he is s member of another party, the White Patriots Party.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Miller sez:
"Thanks for providing regulations pertinent to "Write-In" candidates. By properly following those instructions, I should still qualify for reduced media rates. Which means that for $5, I can send a 60-second WN message, via radio broadcast, to tens of thousands of people.

Does anyone know if the Libertarian Party will be on the Missouri Primary ballot ?? (I'll check when I go to Jefferson City, tomorrow). Surely, with their "anything goes" party platforms, they won't refuse a qualified candidate, for fear of proving themselves hypocrites.

What the hell, maybe the Republicans will have me. We're sure as hell gonna find out."

John Stone said...

If he gets on the primary ballot bet your life that there will be a huge Repug crossover to vote for him. The trouble is: when I do a crossover it's because I want to create mischief. When they do it for him -- they mean it.

The Libertarian Guy said...

I doubt there's enough Repub racists to make a difference here, John. They'll likely stick with Perpetual Congressman Blunt.

And until your party distances itself from former Klansmen... I wouldn't be tossin' rocks at the glass house. ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess gclp chairman hasn't heard....both dems and repubs rejected him--refused to take his filing fee. So now, guess what, he's gonna try the libertarians. LOL!

Whose glass house???

The Libertarian Guy said...

Hey, we don't want him, either. We're not racists.

We're going to have an exec conference about this freak Miller.

He's not running AS a Libertarian... he's just trying to avoid running as a write-in or an independent. He just wants a flag to run under, and we were next on the list.

He does not have our support, and on the local level we will be just as vocal about not supporting this freak as any rational person should.

Anonymous said...

Want Roy Blunt out?

I doubt any candidate running as a Democrat will be able to do it. Partly, because of Blunt's money... in 2004, Newberry spent $209,000 and Blunt spent over 3 MILLION DOLLARS!!!
Check out OpenSecrets.org

But maybe there is another way... on August 8th... in Missouri's "open primary"... ask for a REPUBLICAN ballot, and vote Midge Potts for Congress

Anonymous said...

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