Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Wednesday's News-Leader trots out endorsements for school board. Three slots open, five people running. The deck on the edit extols the virtues of the Chosen Three ("They stand out in solid field for school board"), but that's not what the editorial claims:
The two other candidates ... would also make good school board members, but we had to limit our endorsements to three.
The edit board's choices for school board are Gerry Lee, Kris Callen and Andy Hosmer. We're rooting for Hosmer, too, but not for any of the reasons listed in the editorial.

Our pro-Hosmer stance comes from observation. Hosmer's black, white and red signs dot the local landscape. You'll find an especially big display at National and Sunshine, on the fences of Marsh Travel.

They look so damned familiar. They are so damned familiar. Peer in for the proof: They're the same signs Craig Hosmer used when he ran for state senate in 2002. Only instead of the capitol dome silhouette, it's now an indistinct school-like structure. And the name "Craig" has been whitewashed.

Hosmer for School Board, then. Anyone frugal enough to recycle someone else's campaign signs is probably going to be a good steward of the public's money.

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busplunge said...

In a field of five for three spots, the best thing to do, imho, is just to vote for the one candidate you are really wanting to win.

I used to know the math on how this works, but since I retired, I dind it hard to hintk anymoah.