Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is what happens when a candle gets outta control in Florida. From WFTV:
The fire was sparked by a candle and then accidentally spread by a woman's hair.

The woman set her hair on fire and, in the process of trying to put it out, she set the house on fire. That fire was devastating to the house where the family had lived for more than 20 years.

The woman tried to blow out a candle, but ended up setting her hair on fire. She succeeded at putting her hair out, but the fire quickly spread and consumed the whole room.

The freak accident that started it all happened when Ramona's grown daughter turned in for the night and went to blow out a candle and, in turn, caught her hair on fire.

Amazingly, Ramona's daughter wasn't hurt. Nor were her four young grandchildren. Every last person made it out with barely a scratch and with enough time to grab all the valuables they could carry.

And as workers started to put her home back together, Ramona looked on Tuesday, fully aware her dilemma could have been so much more grim.

Ramona said her daughter's hair was singed and she has a few burns on her shoulder, but aside from that was by all accounts very lucky after a bizarre series of events that destroyed more than two decades of memories.
Insert your own "hothead" joke here.

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