Friday, April 14, 2006


A Thursday assault at Cowboys 2000 has netted Springfield police three arrests, for now.

Here's the news release from Lt. Rick Headlee:
Springfield Police Detectives and Bolivar Detectives arrested three persons in connection with the recent assault at Cowboy's 2000 in Springfield. The following people were arrested at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar and booked into the Greene County Jail for First Degree Assault on Probable Cause:

Rony Saintil, age 23, m/b, from Delray Beach, FL
Korey Molson, age 25, m/b, from Germantown, TN
Charles Rainey, age 21, m/b, from Los Angeles, CA

Any charging decisions will be at the discretion of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office.

The investigation into this incident continues. Due to the number of participants / witnesses, it is anticipated that considerable time may be required to complete the investigation.
Missouri law allows police to hold suspects for up to a day without filing a charge.


Anonymous said...

I see. So it's a hate crime perpetrated by a gang of Baptists. Well, well, well...

Anonymous said...

"Hate crime", like "hate speech", is, in my dictionary, a four-letter word.

Prosecute the crime as it stands. We're supposed to be - in theory - an "all men are equal" country; adding extra time for ones' thoughts, gives some groups extra rights.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Libertarian Guy, "hate crime" is really TWO words, and only one of them has FOUR letters.

Anonymous said...

soo really is this about a guy getting an innocent beating (b/c i'm so sure that he probably didn't provoke his ass beating...yeah thats sarcasm for those of you who can't read well) or is about a racist townie who got what he deserved?

oh and i'm white btw...i just think that this town's racist attitude toward the black race is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

That guy sounds like an idiot. Why is it that anytime a white person does something to a black person it is always a hate crime. You hardly ever hear of black people getting charged with a hate crime for doing something to a white person. As far as that goes why do they even need to classify any crime as a hate crime. Isn't most crime committed out of some kind of hate anyways. I do think there should be much harsher punishment for a group of people ganging up on one person no matter what the color of their skin is. Any time it takes a group of people to beat up one person they are all a bunch of cowards. Fights should be man to man, not 15 to 1.