Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Let's see ... Princeton seniors seek speaker for Class Day. Said seniors tap the son of the Senate Majority Leader and the niece of President Bush to lead the search.

Said leaders choose ... Bill Clinton.

The Daily Princetonian delivers the delicious comeuppance:
When presented with the chance to have [Bill] Clinton speak, the three Class Day chairs — seniors Harrison Frist, Lauren Bush and Shaun Callaghan — decided to capitalize on the opportunity.

Because Frist, the son of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist '74 (R-Tenn.) and Bush, the niece of President Bush, were chosen to lead the search, it was widely expected that a highly-visible individual would speak at the event.
Previous Class Day speakers have been celebrities -- Chevy Chase in 2005, Jon Stewart in 2004, Jerry Seinfeld in 2003. OK, maybe calling Chase a celebrity is overdoing it.

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