Tuesday, April 18, 2006


One of the great reporters, Anderson died last December at age 83. His personal papers are scheduled to go public soon -- but the Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to nose around first. The Associated Press reports:
Anderson's family says FBI agents contacted his widow to say they wanted to search his papers. Kevin Anderson, the writer's son, says the agents said they were looking for evidence in a case.

A special agent says the FBI wants to remove classified material from the papers before the archive is made available to the public. He says, "The documents remain the property of the US government" and it's against the law for anyone to keep them.

Mark Feldstein, a journalism professor at George Washington University and Anderson biographer, says he also had an FBI visit last month. He calls the FBI move "so heavy-handed to be almost ludicrous."
Even dead, Jack Anderson still kicks the FBI's ass.

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