Thursday, April 06, 2006


The inmate is a man. The guards are women. The story is from the Wisconsin State Journal:
Christine Roberge, 39, of Edgerton, and Heather Bartosch, 28, of Fitchburg, are accused of having sexual encounters with the same man at Oakhill Correctional Facility. Roberge is also accused of having inappropriate relationships with two other inmates.

The women are charged with second- degree sexual assault under a 2003 law that makes it a felony for guards to have sexual contact with inmates and sets the maximum penalty at 40 years in prison. The law's language says no such sex can be consensual since a guard has significantly more power.

Roberge couldn't be reached for comment, but Bartosch's lawyer said his client was in a romantic relationship that didn't constitute sexual assault.

"You can imagine what the victim impact statement would look like: 'Please sir, make them do it again,'" attorney Brian Brophy said.

Both women resigned from the prison in February, shortly after they were put on leave. Roberge had worked in corrections for nine years, 6 of them at Oakhill. Bartosch worked at Oakhill for seven years. ...

According to the complaint against Bartosch:

The inmate told investigators he first kissed Bartosch in November 2004 in a prison office. After that, he repeatedly asked her for sex and she refused. But in December 2004, Bartosch and the inmate engaged in a sexual act in a housing unit basement.

Although Bartosch initially denied the allegations, she eventually admitted kissing, touching and having sex with the inmate.

"I crossed the line, I knew it. It scared me," she told investigators. "I let myself get comfortable with someone I shouldn't have."

She also admitted sending the inmate two pairs of jeans, a sweat shirt, tennis shoes, boots and money orders using his aunt's name.

The aunt said she met with Bartosch in Racine early last summer. Bartosch, who was married then, told the inmate that she loved him and wanted a future with him.

According to the complaint against Roberge:

Last June and July, she engaged five times in sex acts with the same inmate who was involved with Bartosch, either in the basement of housing units, in a kitchen or a laundry room. Another inmate said he occasionally served as lookout.

Shortly after their first encounter, the inmate asked Roberge to bring him tobacco.
So sweet, that request for tobacco.

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