Thursday, April 20, 2006


The principal, Carolyn Harrelson, was in charge of the Springfield elementary school when molestation allegations were made against a teacher.

Harrelson was "relieved of her duties indefinitely," effective today, according to a Springfield Public Schools official.

KYTV reports that Harrelson's removal was "the result of findings by the Missouri Department of Social Services."


Anonymous said...

Mary Bower, was not surprised by the allegations within the Springfeild R-12 School District in Springfield, Mo. She recently filed suit for $500,000.00 for herself and two minor children victim of bullying for years in the District and negligent supervision by adult teachers and administration.

Mary Bower started STOP.ORG for reporting and can be found at:

Anonymous said...

the Website correction is: http//

the blog site is Springfield School District Bullying

Contact Mary Bower at:

Anonymous said...

I was a fifth grader at the year 05-06 (last year) at Rountree Elementary School. I witnessed the sexual harassment as well as the 'good touch bad touch' film. And I know the people that were harassed. They are trustworthy people and just because they are children dosen't mean we cannot belive them. I was called down from my classroom and 'interviewed' by the police. My parents DID recieve a phone call telling them that I was being interviewed. Mark Washam was not what you would call a nice PE teacher. He would 'help' a student do a pushup and it looked kind of like he was touching her breasts and groin (this was in December). I did not think he did it on purpose at the time. Then, after Winter Vacation, a lady from some family violence center came in and showed us a tape about a good touch and a bad touch. After the tape rumors started swirling. When I got out of the audiotorium (where the tape was held) I saw 3 girls rushing to the principals office to report Washam. She didn't belive them. Soon later a girl whos name I shall not mention walked down to the principal and gave her a note telling her about Washam. Sometime after that the police were told, everyone in the Fifth Grade was interviewed and he was charged.
Peace out

Anonymous said...

I to was at Rountree and saw the film. Four girls went together with the lady that showed the film. She asked questions of the girls all together while the rest of us went out to recess. I never saw anything bad happen in PE with coach. I think I know the boy that wrote the note from Peace out and
he was in trouble a LOT!!! Don't make me mad or you'll be sorry--guess it will pay off for him. One of the girls is one he liked and he said he would do anything she wanted. Maybe she will like him if he helps get coach.
I hope he thinks it is worth it and that it all comes back to him and he finds out just what they did to a good person.
Maybe that will happen to him someday.
Hope the truth comes out!!!