Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The blog devoted to the antics of Norma Champion has been updated. Click here, get there.

By the way, the 73-year-old senator has written another letter to a constituent about the stem-cell initiative, due to face voters in November. This voter has MS and asked Champion if she supported the initiative.

Champion, of course, again dodged the question, but expressed "hope" that a cure for MS would be found, even if the stem-cell initiative fails. We'll post the text of the letter later today on CHATTER.

Updated 5:40 p.m.
A person with MS wrote Champion and asked for her position on the stem-cell initiative. Champion sent back her dodgy boilerplate letter with this fresh paragraph:
I am very sorry to learn that you have Multiple Sclerosis. I believe that we will be getting new cures through adult stem cells even if the voters should reject research with somatic cell nuclear transfer. We can only hope that one of the cures that comes out of the research will be for MS.
Hoping, wishing, praying, believing. Just not answering the question. Again.


Anonymous said...

I have always been bothered by the fact that Champion has been listed on the ballot as "Aunt Norma" Champion.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on the GOP. If they didn't run Champion, they'd have to draft Vincent David John Jacob Jingleheimersmidt for State Senate!

Anonymous said...

busplunge: I guess I was so intent on voting for Craig Hosmer during the last election that I didn't notice. "Aunt Norma" on the ballot...why hasn't someone complained?? That endearing moniker no doubt scores her a number of eleventh hour votes.

Anonymous said...

From Cuz Norm's telephone menu options:

"If you are calling to complain about my efforts to block stem cell research, please press 8, and then say the disease that you are most concerned about that may ultimately be cured through scientific research. If you are a scientist calling with new research findings or important clinical data, please hang up, we don't want to hear from you."

Anonymous said...

look at Novemeber 5, 2002 election, precinct report, pick precinct 1C and scroll down to state legislative races.

gee, it still hurts, but only when I laugh. think I'll watch the high and the mighty!

Anonymous said...

The woman was John Ashcroft's babysitter. (Really, she was.)

What more does one need to know about her than that?