Monday, May 29, 2006


The St. Louis Business Journal is the latest Missouri publication to pick up on the fact that the state senate race between Norma Champion and Doug Harpool will be a corker.

From the Journal:
Across the state, Democrats are penciling in Wes Shoemyer to win the 18th district, the northeast corner of Missouri. A former state representative who's being term-limited out, he's in a heavy fund-raising battle with Republican Bob Behnen. Finally, Doug Harpool in the 30th district, running against Norma Champion in Springfield, [Matt] Blunt's back yard, is considered a possible pick-up.
The story goes on to note the difficulties facing Democrats -- the state senate is ruled 23-9 by the GOP -- but notes the erosion of Republican support across Missouri.

The 30th District seat was the most competitive state senate race in Missouri in 2002. There is every reason to believe it will be just as tight this year.


Randy said...

Let me see if I understand this correctly: The St. Louis Business Journal is writing about the Champion-Harpool race, but the Springfield News-Leader isn't?

DocLarry said...

Correct. And we all know the news media are liberally biased, right? (/snark)