Tuesday, May 02, 2006


If you haven't sampled their wares, wander over to:

Brown Bag Blog, where Bucky's FAQ includes these wise words:
Like him or not, Bush is the president; believe in his legitimate election or not (I don't), he's the president. I respect people and I respect the institutions of my country. I believe a citizen ought to put his country first and always follow thru on those beliefs, which is yet another reason why I'm not a Republican.
That pretty much explains where we are with the current administration; George W. Bush occupies the office of the president and it commands respect, so we take pains to refer to him as "President Bush" on first reference. The pain involved in taking pains motivates us in the current campaign season.

•Also worth your time is Liberal Agit-Prop, where Andy is ruthless with his Photoshop skeels. Feel that we're too genteel in how we treat the president? Liberal Agit-Prop thankfully has no such qualms.

Find both blogs -- and many of the Usual Suspects -- in the CHATTERWORTHY sidebar.

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